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Fair Oaks Park, Stevens Ave. | 55484 | Minneapolis | United States
| 19.04.1981 - 11.05.1981

commemoration of the sun

Short description
DIMENSION | 2 x 550 X 550 X 250 cm

Installations as expression of the ephemeral nature of things, as sketches in 3D where residual photographic images are memories or traces. Concerns with tention lines, fluidity and transparences. Light as it defines or eludes the nature of interacting elements.

Two truncated pyramids oriented with the sun’s trajectory and opened to the east interact with a
tree. The center pole with two metal bars drawing the roof’s diagonals holds the structure, while four anchors in the ground define the base. Each side is made of nylon parachute fabric held by rope in their perimeter. Both pyramids are pulled out of shape by a multitude of strings, deforming the fabric towards the tree roots for the east structure, and towards the tree branches for the other. The nylon fabric stretched in this way gives a sense of skin-like
ritualistic marks or of furniture padding.

It catches light as brightly as a mirror or lets you guess a form, an object within its translucence. The structure breathes like a sail in the wind and thus appears fragile. The string lines relate to imaginary root ankers and tree branches, an echo positive of a twin image unseen.

General information
Project state: completed
Project code: 035
Location: Fair Oaks Park, Stevens Ave. | 55484 | Minneapolis | United States
Project dates: 19.04.1981 to 11.05.1981
Project contents
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